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Physical tracking system

In the sports, there is a growing need to quantify the performance of athletes. Due to the high costs of the measuring equipment and lack of knowledge, this is often not feasible for sports clubs, or this is done with individual tests. The physical tracking system offers various tests that gives a overview of the performances of the players.


These tests are completely mobile, so that they can be offered on location within a few hours. The club does not have to purchase expensive measuring equipment, but brings in an expert with the right measuring equipment and knowledge that can link value to performance. Components that are tested are scientifically substantiated and validated within sports.

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Personal advise report

The measuring equipment measures objective data and converts this performance data into scores by comparing it with the database and / or existing data from the sports literature. Reports can be created based on these scores. As a result, we convert measurements into valuable information for athletes and trainers and endorse the eye of the expert. This advisory report provides insight into the qualities and areas for improvement of the players. Personal action points and targeted exercises are given on this.


Individual guidance with the app 

Performance measurement helps with guidance for improving performance! Based on the measurement and test scores you will receive personal advice, exercises and schedules and focus on your individual points for improvement! Every player can see his test results, advice and exercises via our app. This allows all players to be continuously guided personally.

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By gaining insight into the sport specific qualities of the players, sports clubs can use their training programs to focus on improving the overall performance of the team and, in addition, to pay individual attention to the points for improvement per athlete. This makes training more focused on what needs to be improved and therefore more efficiently.Furthermore, the individual himself can also start in a more targeted way with extra exercises and possibly extra training sessions. The motivation of the player to improve himself will be higher, because extra effort can be seen in the results of the measurements. The player is more responsible for his own performance!



On the basis of the objective data from the tests, more information can be obtained about which players have a greater risk of injury. A recommendation report is given for these athletes on how they can reduce these risk factors with the help of specific exercises. When a player is injured, he / she can get good guidance with the objective measurement criteria and make a safe return to the match level.



The multiple use of the product allows the trainer to keep track of the progress and to see if their training has the desired effect on the sport specific qualities of the athletes.

A trainer can effectively use the physical training system to draw up his training plans.

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